Statue of Liberty Cake

Happy 4th!! 🎆
I both love it and feel slightly alarmed when I make a "portrait" cake, and the guest of honor is at the event, (comparisons will be made ; )  Miss Liberty was for a special Tunnel to Towers fundraising event at the Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey, with the most amazing view of the Statue herself in the Harbor---this allowed for a little fact-checking on location 😁.

After many selfies and some photo bombing by bemused guests... 
and after some protestations, (although I myself always love when the cake is cut) this chocolate cake was served up with a little vanilla ice cream. 
💗Below is a behind-the-scenes peek:

Clockwise from top left: 1. PVC pipes are screwed into flanges and attached with screws to wooden baseboard.  (The pipes are covered in food-safe tape and board is covered in fondant.)  2. Beginnings of fleshed out face which is wrapped in a plastic bag before going into the refrigerator for the night.  3. Addition of eyes and brows.  4. I kept feeling like she reminded me of ELVIS, but when you look at a close-up of her face, its a totally Elvis/Liberty "separated-at-birth" situation.  
5. Beginning the hair and crown.

Our Lady Liberty's got a belly filled with dark chocolate cake and a head full of modeling chocolate 😜:
Once the head, hair and arm are almost completely finished, its time to fit 2 tiers of cake underneath and around those pipes. 

I didn't want to leave out our Statue of Liberty COOKIES on this 4th of July!
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